What Is DDownload?

For those who are not familiar with File.al, the best way to describe it is that it’s a cloud-based storage provider where you can store important files and be able to retrieve them right when you need it.

Is DDownload.com Free?

Although you can use their service for free, if you want to enjoy bigger storage capacity, as well as faster upload and download speed, it’s highly advisable to enroll in a premium account.

How Can I Upload Files?

Uploading files in DDownload is pretty simple and straight-forward. There’s an “Upload files”button which you must click, then proceed to choosing a file you want to upload, and after picking it, simply click the “Upload”button. Once you’re done uploading the file, you’ll receive the download link, as well as the deletion link

How Can I Delete the Files I Have Uploaded?

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, after uploading your files, you’ll be getting a download link, as well as a deletion link. Likewise, you can simply delete the files from your account by going tot he “My Files”section.

Why Do I need to Register with DDownload?

You don’t really have to register, but if you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of additional benefits, and aside from that, you’ll also be able to download files with unlimited speed. That’s why it’s highly advised to register on DDownload.com.

Can I Search Files on DDownload.com?

We pay great importance to the privacy of our users. That means you can’t search files on our site. The only way you’ll be able to download the files uploaded by others is if you have their download link.

Can I Store Personal Files on DDownload?

The wonderful thing about DDownload is you can actually use it to store your backup, or even personal files! You don’t have to worry about others downloading those files, because they won’t be able to– unless they have the download link.

I Can’t Log In My Account, What Should I Do?

Don’t worry, in such a case that you cannot log in to your account, simply click on the “forgot password”button, and if it still doesn’t work, then contact our customer support for help.

Why Should I Use DDownload?

DDownload is perfect for those who want to share files that are too large to be sent through email. Likewise, for those who need a secure remote storage capacity for off-site back-ups, this would also work. It’s also ideal for storing personal data for a variety of computers, and you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a USB stick with you anymore.

What Kind of Files Are You Allowed to Upload?

You are free to upload any files– ranging from documents, videos, audios, and so on. Just make sure that it doesn’t contain pornography, sexual images, nudity, or any form of offensive material. Of course, copyrighted materials are also prohibited.

Is Hotlinking Allowed?

You are not allowed to hotlink any kind of files uploaded to DDownload.